• Ohio Stream Preservation
  • Ohio Stream Preservation

Goals of the Organization

Preserving and enhancing Ohio's aquatic resources by providing effective methods for the long-term protection of rivers, wetlands, and streams. Our Goals are:

  • Develop innovative, cost-effective solutions to water quality problems that affect our aquatic resources.
  • Provide technical and scientific expertise necessary to ensure implementation of comprehensive ecological management strategies.
  • Assist the development community in promoting environmentally sound practices of land use and watershed management. 
  • Preserve stream corridors and wetlands through permanent preservation, conservation easements or by acquisition.
  • Support opportunities for research and study of aquatic resources and their watersheds.
  • Promote and participate in the rebuilding of aquatic resources through the restoration, enhancement, and creation of wetlands and streams.

Contact Information
Ohio Stream Preservation
P.O. Box 23835
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023-0835

Phone: (440) 439-2920

Email: info@ohiostream.org

Scholarship Information
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