Emerald Valley Business Park

Glenwillow, Cuyahoga County

In 2000, Duke-Weeks Realty Corporation proposed construction of a commercial development, Emerald Valley Business Park, located in the Village of Glenwillow. Situated off the new Cochran Road, this development includes dedicated green space totaling approximately 58 acres and approximately 1,643 linear feet of Beaver Meadow Creek and riparian corridor of the Tinkers Creek watershed.

Located to the east of Interstate 271, west of State Route 91 at the northeast corner of Cochran Road and Pettibone Road.

Permitted Actions Within Conservation Easement
The following actions are permitted within the Preserve with the approval of Ohio Stream Preservation:

  • The installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of utilities located within the Preserve;
  • The removal of dead, diseased, damaged, destroyed, or fallen trees, shrubs, or other vegetation that physically block streams, utility work, or pedestrian trails;
  • The elimination and removal of grapevines, poison ivy, and other toxic and undesirable growth which can be cut and left laying.

Prohibited Actions Within Conservation Easement
  • The placement or construction of any man-made structures;
  • The removal or destruction of native growth in the Preserve, including the use of fertilizers, the spraying of herbicides and pesticides, and the introduction of nonnative vegetation;
  • The removal, filling, or excavation of soil, sand, gravel, or other materials from the Preserve, or doing any act that would alter the topography of the Preserve;
  • Dumping of any substance of any kind, including grass clippings or other yard debris, soil, trash, ashes, and garbage waste;
  • Alteration of natural water courses or other water bodies;
  • The operation of any motorized vehicle on the Preserve.

* Complete list of restrictions on page 2 of conservation easement.

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Property Overview
Grantor: Duke Weeks Realty, LP & First Industrial

Document Downloads
Conservation Easement
Site Plan
Baseline Report

Monitoring Report

Previous reports are
available upon request

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